Samantha Womack, and South Pacific Co-Star, Daniel Koek, take time to Chill Out

Sam Womack Checks out new training facilities at Chill OutStars of the hit musical, South Pacific, dropped in for some much-needed TLC at Chill Out Spa recently as the show draws to an end at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

The team at the Spa were delighted when two stars of the Liverpool Empire’s recent hit musical production, South Pacific, dropped in for treatments. Samantha Womack (Eastenders, Guys and Dolls) and co-star Daniel Koek (Chess, West Side Story) enjoyed the spa’s five-star treatments, and were given a VIP tour of the brand new Chill Out Training and Enterprise (COTE) learning facilities, adjacent to the exclusive spa.

Daniel Koek and Sam Womack with Sharon CarrollDSC00962