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Shaping and tinting is a one day course which teaches you the basics of eye treatments. Learn how to mix tint and blend the perfect colour for brows and lashes along with basic brow shaping with wax and tweezing. Also includes safety procedures and patch testing

Upcoming Course Dates

Pay a deposit of £50.00 per person

Course Structure:

  • Introduction to Shaping & Tinting
  • Prepping the salon space and understanding health and safety.
  • Looking at issues which could affect the treatment
  • Preparing and consulting with the client
  • Skin Test Procedure
  • Application
  • Advising on post-treatment care

Shaping and tinting Course

Completing the Chill Out Beauty Training shaping and tinting course will provide you with a certificate from the Chill Out Beauty Training Academy. This certificate is proof that you are qualified for the treatment and you can use it to begin practicing on your clients.

Course Requirements

No experience necessary. The course runs for one day, so you’ll be asked to practice the treatment on a model to get the best level of experience. You will be required to bring in a model to work on. Standard therapist clothing or black top and trousers should be worn to the course.


How to Apply

Book on line or by calling us on 0151 545 1051 https: Please see our Terms and Conditions before booking.

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