Manicure & Pedicure Course


Hand and Foot therapy are both one of the most widely practiced beauty rituals. This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the manicure and pedicure process.

Having the under pinning knowledge of natural nail treatments in this industry today will give you the ability to relate to key aspects linking all types of nail treatments together. We also include specialist training on hand and foot techniques, to enable you to provide a luxury manicure or pedicure

This course is a great start in entering the industry or a therapist looking to extend your service menu to become a nail technician, this course is the very best starting point.

Course Dates
Price Starter Kit Exam Fee
£460.00 Included £35 For VTCT Qualification
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Our Manicure & Pedicure Course Content:  

  • Health, Safety & Hygene
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Identification of products and equipment
  • Contra Indications & disorders
  • Client Consultation
  • Preparation of Work Area
  • Client Positioning
  • Enamelling Techniques
  • Manicure Procedure
  • Massage Techniques
  • Pedicure Procedure
  • Specialist Hand and Foot Techniques
  • Contra Actions & After care Advice

What will I receive when I complete the Manicure & Pedicure Training Course?

Once you successfully complete the Manicure and Pedicure training course you will receive a recognised certificate from the award winning Chill Out Spa Training & Enterprise.  VTCT qualification is available subject to examination fee of £35. This will enable you to obtain public liability insurance.

The Requirements

No experience required. Salon wear must be worn; hair tied back and natural nails worn. To ensure maximum practice students will be required to work on each other throughout the course.

Deposit required £212.50

Price Includes:

Manicure Kits and Pedicure Kits are included in the price and a discount will be provided for any addition purchases on the day.
Course Ref: MAN/PED

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Upcoming Course Dates
30th November
Thursday 9.30AM - 5.30PM Weekly for 3 Weeks
Modern Training Facilities

All of our hair, make-up, massage, nail and beauty courses are hosted within the tranquil spa-like surroundings of our Knowsley based Academy.

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